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CTF-Sorrento by Homeslice

Reviewed by Doublez-Down .

A decent effort by Homeslice, but it falls short in several critical CTF areas. Read on to see why.

Gameplay 10/30


First things first. You have to have the UTTech texture package in order to run the map, but the author makes no mention of this in the readme. While most may already have this pack, it didn't come with the original game and therefore should be mentioned or included. Once you have the appropriate pack, on to actual gameplay elements. You also must load this one up through the UT menu itself, otherwise the flags won't be visible. This is because the default game type is "none" as opposed to being CTF. So those are a couple of things that are really inexcusable and basic for map making. A trend I've noticed in Homeslice's maps is the insane amount of powerups, and this one is no exception. Again we have a rather small area that contains the Shield Belt, UDamage, Keg O' Health and Invisibility, with the Rocket Launcher not too far away. This is just overkill, and not to mention most are underwater, where bots are typically dumb, so getting these isn't near enough of a challenge. The bots put up a decent fight, but it's mainly due to poor spawnpoint placement, since if you kill someone, they will basically reappear somewhere close to right in front of you - again a big no no in CTF-Maps. The bots will at least get the flag and try to return it though and seem to use most of the paths to go to and from the bases.

Performance 25/30 (Hardware)

No issues here, but it's basically a low poly effort with little detail in the bases. It's zoned off well, so no problems here, and the map should run fine on a variety of machines.

Eye Candy 10/25

Well, the skybox is pretty....and that's about it really. The flag bases are basically primitive shapes with some labeling to let you know which base is which. The texturing is decently pulled off with only a few misalignments here and there. Homeslice tends to like flickering lights, but one of them that's flickering is a skytown lamp, which is just out of place in this map. The water part is done okay, but it's basically a big square, and the waterfall going into it looks like a white ramp and needs to be more translucent....and probably needs to be the same texture as the water. There are some good coronas on the lighting, and the lighting itself is done well enough with no glaring issues, save for the out of place flickering. Weapons are mounted on walls, which is kinda cool and fitting for the map.

The Details 12/15

Decent custom music is included, sounds are abundant, screenshot/title and backstory as well. Again have to take off some for not mentioning or including a necessary texture pack...a big pet peeve of mine if you couldn't tell.

Final Score 57/100

Verdict : Another decent effort by Homeslice that falls short in some key areas.

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CTF-BT-Wormhole by SilentKoala

Reviewed by Aalexanderrr.

Your trip to acidic world starts here. Before you actually press Download button just out of mere curiosity, it would be nice to know that this map may give you a seizure. Extremely bad one if you are epileptic.

Gameplay 10/30


The gameplay is on the easy side here = you jump into the wormhole and try to avoid random blocks that hang there for no apparent reason. You fall on the cube, you die. In comparison to other BT maps, this map doesn't really hold up against others. However, for some people dodging blocks might seem fun hence 10 points are awarded. After taking a look at the map in the editor I figured out that the author did not provide 2 copies of the are for different teams like it is usually done in regular BT maps. As a result, it will be be really hard to cap the flag online if you have 10 other players trying to grab it.

Performance 25/30 (Hardware)

Mostly good. Some FPS drop does occur, however, when you teleport from one wormhole to another. It would also be a good idea to merge sides of ceiling support brushes in the round room to save up some polys which can be essential sometimes.

Eye Candy 12/25

Now we got to the most exiting part of this review. Visuals can be described in one and only one manner - " SHR000000MMMZ " Not only every texture in the wormhole moves at high velocity but it also manages to flicker for some awkward reason. That's why it is such a bad idea to play this map for more that 3 minutes - your eyes are just going to pop. Even after beating this map and quitting the game you will still see the wormhole. However, the actual room that the author has made looks pretty good. Author used several nice decoration elements that make the whole place look believable. It is just tanks containing Nalis that keep bothering me? What function do they carry in this facility? Are they test subjects that are used to see whether wormhole is lethal? Graphics that you can see on computer screens is well done and fits the place well.  Lighting  could have been a bit more sourcing though - those red lamps don't seem to emit any light at all.

The Details 15/15

Chaotic music, simplistic readme and undoubtedly cliche title are all included.

Final Score 62/100

Verdict : May produce narcotic pleasure. Higly dangerous and not recommended for permanent consumption. However, it can be quite healthy on special occasions.

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DOM-Tiamat by Homeslice et al

Reviewed by Doublez-Down.

I'm a big fan of UT99's DOM mode, so I was anxious to get my hands on this one and give it a whirl. All in all, it's a good effort but leaves the player wanting on.

Gameplay 15/30

Gameplay is a mixed bag here. The bots will grab everything for the most part and will attack and defend the control points. My main problem with the gameplay is the map's use of teleporters. Two of the control points are basically right next to each other, just a short teleportation apart. CPs should be more spaced out so players have to run a ways to get to the next point or go hunt down the point that the other team just took. It takes away from some of the fun when one can simply teleport to a CP. That said, you can get quite a surprise if you are defending one of these points, as the bots will come from behind and put some flak shards where your spine used to be. The layout is actually decent if it wasn't for these two CPs being basically right next to each other. The outdoor area is nicely done and believable, and there is a slight amount of z-axis, which isn't all that important for DOM games. However, there are simply too many weapons and powerups placed all over the place. ONE ROOM has the Shield Belt, Body Armour, Rocket Launcher and Flak Cannon - I thought I was playing a game of Assault for a minute. Further, even though the bots will fight, they don't seem to do it very well. At one point I was winning 54-6 and hadn't fired a maybe I just had a better team.

Performance 25/30

No big issues here, but the outside area may slow down on some slower machines, especially with the church and the hills all in view from one of the CPs. There are also some very annoying buzzing sounds from electric lights that are oddly out of place for a gothic style map.

Eye Candy 19/25

This category is tough to review, as some parts of the map look great, while others are very bland and odd. The outdoor area and front of the church are very nicely done, even if the outdoor lighting could be done a bit more dramatic (but that's nitpicking). Then there are rooms that are simply squares with flat walls and a decoration thrown in here or there. The readme does state that the map is made by a few different people (who Homeslice gives credit to), and it definitely shows in the differences in quality.

The Details 13/15

Screenshot, custom music (decent but repetitive) and readme. Good job here.

Final Score 72/100

Worth a look if you haven't played a game of UT99 DOM in a while due to no maps being around. A good effort that could have been so much more. It's an older map (readme says 2003 release date?), so maybe Homeslice's work has improved a bit. With a bit more attention to detail, I'd say some good maps are in his future.

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DM-EgyptianTomb by Matt Lefevere

Reviewed by Aalexanderrr.

Judging by its name, this map is supposed to be a typical egyptian tomb that we have seen countless number of times and that seemingly is impossible to mess up. After this map, however, you find out that this theme CAN be messed up really bad.

Gameplay 2/30


Being a somewhat hardcore gamer, I was disappointed with this map. This is exactly what you would expect from oldskool Unreal Gold deathmatch - 2 big rooms filled with powerups and incredibly huge amount of hallways. What makes this level stand out from good old ones is maze-like layout. Sometimes it can become quite a hard task to get from one side of the level to another. While all the rooms have 2 or more exits, level doesn't seem to flow that well mainly due to the lack of Zaxis. Some hallways are extremely small and cramped, too, which create huge movement issues. Weapon placement is decent although I would not include Rocket Laucher since it can become extremely dominant. Ripper, another lethal weapon in this map, could have been placed in a riskier position - right now it is a bit too easy to reach.

To Matt Lefevere
Please take your time and plan layout carefully. Look at proper DM maps and try to imitate their floorplans. Good DM maps can be found in LP and FoT mappacks. In addition, going to Lunaran's place and reading some of his awesome gameplay tutorials would be beneficial for you.

Performance 22/30 (Hardware)

Mostly good. There are some accidental FPS drops in places where portals were not fully closed like a BioRifle hallway. Solid sheets are extremely evil, too, hence they should be made NonSolid.

To Matt Lefevere
Always close Zone Portals. Failure to do so will mess up engine's visibility calculations ( which is always bad) and will produce some bad results if your Zone has some ZoneInfo with specific setting such as water or acid.

Eye Candy 4/25

Extremely messy and unnatural. Despite map's name author decided to use not only Egypt textures but Nali ones and Church ones! As you can imagine, it instalntly breaks a sense of location. Aside from that, some textures such as green Nali Temple ones are way too contrasting and do hurn an eye once in a while. Architecture is simplistic if not cubic; some walls look extremely boring and undetailed and local sky ( that was not made using proper skybox) just makes me want to shoot myself.
Lighting is boring; author used way too much white in some places and used way too oversaturated green and red in other places.

To Matt Lefevere
This could have been a rather nice temple of you had used a) proper textures b) fitting color palette and c) real skybox. In addition, there's nothing wrong with simplicity IF you know how make it still look good. For the next map you make you should go onto the Internet and find several souce images that you will base your architecture on. It is really helpful especially in the maps like this.

The Details 6/15

Map name could have been more interesting. Storyline line was not included and music did not fit the atmosphere at all.

Final Score 34/100

Verdict - Sentenced to execution. I do not mean to sound harsh but author really needs to learn quite a lot and I really hope he becomes much better in the close future. Otherwise, this map
is not worth your time which you can spend playing DavidM's awesomesausy SP map.

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(UT99) CTF-Stadium by Homeslice Review

A map that tries though tries too hard when it all comes down to it.

CTF-Stadium by Homeslice (42/100)

CTF-Stadium by Homeslice

Give Homeslice some feedback here and tell him what you think.

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