BR-1-on-1-Oxidise By Sam Kitt

Reviewed by Firefly.

This arena is situated on the distant moon Pentum. Many years ago the Skaarj used to conduct Skaarj/human experiments. Now it's the messy high explosive/squidgy flesh experiments.

Gameplay 25/30


The 1 on 1 prefix would suggest a small map and that is indeed what it is. Team based duellers are quite rare but this is large enough to support 2 v 2. It works well as either. The route between the goals is fairly open but is spanned but several bridges. Elevators can be found at each side accessed but two tight, short corridors. There are jump pads that allow access around the map and, for the most part, they work well. One however kept sending me to the outside of the railings.

The biggest difference are the amount of goals; two per team. One is above the other so it does make it more difficult to defend. Couple this with the small player load and you have some tense matches. Bots play well, score and don't get confused anywhere. The pick-ups are layout well but the vials at the bottom of the pools are a bit redundant. Too much risk and not enough reward.

Performance 27/30 (Hardware)

Small maps equal high frames.

Eye Candy 17/25

A nice industrial look with a claustrophobic feel. It's a coherent theme but there isn't much variation in the colour outside of the lights. It does feel right though and does give off some atmosphere. Some of the lens flares are too big and can distract. Also the particle streams coming off the jump pads are too long and make it difficult to aim. It's very easy to get snagged on the big black arrows that are just outside the goals. The map can feel a bit cramped at times due to the narrow walkways and close set bridges. The whole map would be better scaled up a little more, maybe by an additional 25%.

Generally the eye candy is OK but some extra detail and care here and there would have added more polish.

The Details 15/15

All here.

Final Score 84/100

A fun map but the small flaws may start to annoy after awhile. It's worth a look just for the touch of originality in the gameplay.

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