CTF-Dreary3 Converted By Bryan Sparksman

Reviewed by Firefly.

CTF-Dreary from UT99 now in UT3 colours.

Gameplay 27/30


This medium map is very narrow and confined in most areas and will please fans of the original. It's a very faithful remake and feels very close to the original. The traditional layout has been preserved as has the claustrophobic feel. Although Dreary's layout is fairly linear, the route between the bases is clear thanks to the subtle use of team colours.

The bots have been well pathed and will give a very good game. They defend and attack as they should as well as provide cover. I didn't see them get stuck or confused. The player load of 8 to 12 is good.

Performance 27/30 (Hardware)

Really smooth at around 40 and above with no dips or hitches.

Eye Candy 22/25

No custom materials or meshes but the set used is more than suitable. Dreary couldn't be done in anything other than the Liandri Industrial set. The mesh work and lighting are of a very high standard.  The lightning flashes and thunder crashes really add the the atmosphere. The flashes light up the many windows and reminds me of all the old horror movies I've watched.

The level of detail is really high yet it's all tucked out of the way and impedes neither movement or aim. The look is very polished and professional.

The Details 14/15

No problems here other than no back story.

Final Score 90/100

An excellent and faithful remake that will be on almost every sever and should definitely be on your rotation.

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