The End For Now

A lack of activity here is pretty obvious. No reviews have been written or updates of any kind and very few submissions.

So I have decided to close the submissions.  Still feel free to rate and comment on stuff but no more reviews for the forseeable future.

If you want please visit my own personal site at

Cheers to the guys over at Beyond Unreal for the free hosting.

Cheers for the support and visits and also all those that have submitted work.  Sorry if you have missed out.

Also thanks to the people who have helped out by writting reviews.  All very much appreciated.

Maybe one day it'll start up again (UT4? ).

All the best



DM-AthosMonastery by Doublez-Down

A map made by fellow reviewer. You can read it here.

Apart from that, I will be reviewing UT3 maps in closest future as well. It all depends on how fast I sort my PC power issues out.

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Tactical Assault are Hiring

If you think you can help with this excellent TC then head on over to their site.

Apply here

Well worth trying for.


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CTF-Sorrento Reviewed

As promised, I've reviewed CTF-Sorrento (57/100). Click the link for the entire review. CTF-Sorrento

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CTF-BT-Wormhole by SilentKoala

Yet another review. I have just stopped tripping. To find out why, click here!

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